Fishing and Following

Written by Paul Dennis, FCA Outdoors Director

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Matthew 4:19

I know a guy who has an unceasing hunger for the latest and greatest fishing gear. He has a beautiful boat with all the latest gadgets and devices. He has a small fortune in rod and reel combos of all types. If you look in his tackle boxes you will find a larger selection than most major sporting goods stores. His garage is filled with fishing equipment. His coffee table is covered with fishing magazines.

But there is something you should know about this guy… He never fishes! I’m sure he intends to, and he is certainly prepared, but he never puts the boat in the water. It seems to me that he is more of a collector of fishing stuff than a fisherman. Is a guy really a fisherman who never fishes?

I know another guy who owns two old Zebco 33’s and a small brick shaped tackle box. Most Saturdays you can find him at a road-side stream or under a bridge drowning worms or minnows. He usually goes home with a five-gallon bucket mostly full of fish for dinner. He’s a fisherman.

People are like that spiritually. Many have Bible knowledge and resources, but they aren’t involved in Kingdom work. Many people have the name “Christian” but never share their faith. Does having a head full of Bible knowledge make us a “good Christian?”  Are we really following if we aren’t fishing? There are also many faithful servants who don’t have great resources, but they are consistently going about the Gospel business.  It seems clear that Jesus emphasizes application of His Word and not just gathering resources.

Do you have any resources that need to be put to work in God’s Kingdom?

Prayer: Lord, make me a fisher of men. I commit to be about Your Gospel business.