The Deceiver


Wrote by: Dennis Stubbs, FCA Outdoors Staff for Flint River Region, Georgia

“You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.”

Ezekiel 28:12

Does the scripture from Ezekiel sound like Satan? That is exactly who it is talking about. The Word said he was blameless in his ways from the day he was created until wickedness was found in him. Satan can be a chameleon. It is true that he walks around like a roaring lion looking to steal, kill, and destroy, but not always. We think that he will be obvious as a firetruck with a red flashing light and sirens going off, but often he comes as something that delights us. We get caught in the trap just like Mr. Tom Turkey.

My good friend Randy and I were after an old tom on Randy’s farm in 2004. The month of April can be a magical time in the turkey woods in Georgia. I say that because Mr. Tom had whooped us in March! We were unsuccessful in luring him in with our sweet hen calls. In nature, the tom turkey lures the hens in with his gobbling and strutting. As hunters, we try to reverse this process and get the tom to do what is unnatural. What finally got Mr. Tom to make the obituaries, was pride and arrogance along with our deceitfulness.

On that particular crisp, spring morning, Mr. Tom was gobbling at an owl 30 minutes before the first peek of light. Randy and I made our way quietly up the ridge to get between him and the pasture. I motioned for Randy to sit by an old white oak while I sat about ten yards behind him off to the right. At first light I made a soft tree yelp and then a flydown cackle. To our surprise two more gobblers fired off further down the ridge. That is when pride and arrogance started sinking in on Mr. Tom. He couldn’t stand the thought of the other two gobblers getting to HIS hen! I yelped a few times and purred softly. The next thing I saw was him gliding towards us. He topped the hill twenty five yards away, and Randy rolled him with his old Browning 12 gauge.

That morning Mr. Tom went against everything that was natural to him. He lost self-control and threw caution to the wind when he was tempted. Guess what, Satan’s nature hasn’t changed either. He was thrown out of Heaven because he wanted to be greater than God. Since that day he has whispered lies and spread doubt and deceit trying to bring others under his wrath. Thankfully Jesus defeated him and claimed our victory when he said “It is finished” on the cross! Thank you again Jesus!

1.     What are some ways Satan is trying to whisper lies and spread doubt and deceit in your life?

2.     Have you asked Jesus for help?

Prayer: Jesus we thank you for showing us the truth. I pray that you continue to watch over us in our times of need and plenty. Help me put on the full armor of God in order to defend myself from Satan’s lies and deceit. Amen